Beaux Tie Day 

May 7th – Giving Day In Paducah

Beaux Tie Day

May 7th is Bill Ford Beaux Ties for the Arts Day in Paducah. Everyone is encouraged to donate to his or her favorite not-for-profit organization in honor of Ford’s birthday. This year he celebrates his 82nd birthday and appropriately many charitable organizations will receive donations in Ford’s honor. 

Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless proclaimed this day as “Beaux Tie Day” in Paducah and when you ask Ford he calls it “Beaux Ties for the Arts Day”. This year Paducah is reminded to step up and do what so many in this community do throughout the year, “support the arts or charity of your choice”. 

Ford said, “We’re suggesting giving a dollar for every year you celebrate – or more of course . . . for me it will be $82 to my favorites. Paducah has always been a generous and caring town, kind to me for as long as I’ve lived here and that’s over 30 years now. I just want to give back and encourage others to be part of our community continuing to thrive in the arts and to make it possible for all charity work to move forward. Our community has a history of stepping up to meet the needs of others and make life better for all of us.”

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