"Working with Bill Ford is a delight. He tries to capture the essence of each client's personal taste and style. He strives to make each job unique for that individual client."

Diane & Larry Powell

"Bill Ford has created magic in my mother's new home. He has recreated her living space in ways I never imagined but in every way reflect what mom thinks of as home. There are those born lucky enough to have been blessed with natural gifts. There are also those who are driven to work hard to hone their skills. And then the rare few, like Bill Ford, who combine their God given talent with hard work and practic cultivate these gifts and develop and take them to new heights. Bill Ford is a gifted master designer. He has exceptional talent and an amaing ability to transform a home into a showplace that enhances the homeowners style. Not only is he gifted in his vision for the beauty of the home, but he is also a consummate Southern gentleman and a pleasure to work with and has a way of making one feel at ease around him. He is as pleasant a person as he is a fantastic designer. We are greateful to Bill Ford for his good heart and his immeasurable talent."

Karl Martin Operle, Silver Spring, MD

"Thanks for the time you shared with me in my home. It surely made a difference."

Doris Hurd

"Thanks so much for your help. I have received many compliments on your work."

Debbie Stewart

"You are a treasure."

Debbie Wattier

"You always come to my rescue! You are the very best decorator – ever. I just love you."

Bobbie Allen

"The envelopes (Calligraphy) are all gorgeous. Your special "touch" will help make the event very special."

Dee Dee Whittaker

"Thank you for all you do!"

Dr. Keith Crawford

"Bill Ford  utilizes his dedication, energy, talent, and many resources to transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary rooms. Higdon Furniture considers Bill Ford, as one of the Premier Designers in the area and feel very fortunate to call Bill, a friend!"

Higdon Furniture

"I do not have adequate words to describe my feelings of gratitude and admiration for the absolutely superb work you accomplished in moving our friend to assisted living and in decorating her new apartment under very emotionally difficult circumstances!  You are truly amazingly talented professional.

How you managed to take 40 years of one very elegant woman's home – her marvelous collections, antiques and personal mementoes – and redesign a rather sterile 600 square foot apartment to take on that extradinary warmeth ans style is a miracle.  Althouigh you say  "its just what I do" the heart, compassion and attention to detail is certainly in a class by itself.  We were naturally concerned for her emotional health after the decision to leave her lovely home, but now seeing her in the rooms you redesigned and appointed for her, my husband and I could not be more reassured that she will be comforted and more than satisfied.

Our heartfelt thanks for all you did to create a tastful, truly lovely home for our special friend!"

Sincerely, Gayle and Ken Frye

"The site looks wonderful, Bill. It represents you wonderfully.  The purpose of a good website is to inspire people to call you and it does just that. Very nice."

Hugs, Jennifer Hunt

 "We love you Bill Ford … master designer!"

Suzanne Surber

 "Bill, your website is great and I certainly appreciate your "Buy Local" plug!!!!!"

Becky Smith Bowers

"Your web site is incredible and we love it. What a great job you did with it … we like everything you do!"

Bob and Marcia Auerbach

"I love your new website"

Julie and Michael Muscarella

"Loveeeeeeee the house!" " It is just beautiful. Never dreamed it could be so fabulous!"   "We just love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!" "My house is amazing"   "You've done a great job!"   "Your new web-site is wonderful, very clean and easy to navigate and looks great!"

Beau Dodson

"Bill, I Love your website! So very professional and personable, just like you. We are enjoying our new home. Couldn't have done it without your help."

Suzanne Jackson

"WOW!  Ilove your website -so cool- Happy New Year!"

Ashley Shadoan

"We have been working with Bill for several years now and have enjoyed working with him. Bill expects a quality product from us and we do our best to deliver that product to him in a timely fashion. It's always fun to see the final product after its put together in the home or office. We consider him a friend as well as a business associate."

S & S Smith Upholstery

"Your talent has made our house a home!"

Phil and Donna Morse

 "Thank you for making our new house a home"

David and Leeann Morse